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What Is The Difference Between Solar Screens and Solar Window Film?

The biggest difference by far is price.  Solar Screens are 1/2 the price of solar film installed.  The lower cost of screens means a faster rate of return on the investment.  Also, solar screens allow the homeowner to control the heat and light coming through the windows.  During a cold winter, the homeowner can take the solar screens off and allow beneficial solar heat into the home.  Solar films are permanent so there is no way to allow more heat light in during the winter.  Solar films do reflect inside heat back into the home which is beneficial only during cold months.  Solar films may also void certain warranties on dual pane, gas filled windows so solar screens may be the only choice for newer homes.

How Much Energy Savings Will I See On My Utility Bill?
The savings are a direct result of how much window square footage is being covered, the direction and duration of sunlight coming through the windows being covered, and how much shading is provided by other objects like trees and buildings. Normal savings equate to approximately 25% - 30% of your actual cooling costs, not your total electric bill.   You will know a savings is taking place by the way the rooms stay cooler and do not heat up near as much in the afternoon.  You may also notice that it takes a little longer for your A/C system to come on in the morning since less morning heat is coming through the windows. 
What Is The Warranty on Solar Screens?
Our solar screens have a 10 year warranty against defect. 
How long will it take to get solar screens installed?  
Under normal circumstances, 1 week or less. The hotter it gets, the longer it takes.