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The 3 basic types of Textilene solar screens are Textilene Solar 80%, Textilene Solar 90%, and Textilene 95%. The percentages represent the value of sunlight and heat that is rejected by the screen. The higher the percentage, the more light and heat that is rejected.

To help determine your needs, first determine how intense the sunlight and heat is that is coming through the window(s). (Shreveport, Louisiana heat was unbearable summer, 2011). Windows that face directly toward the morning or afternoon sun, where no other objects like trees, fences or other buildings provide shading, might be a good candidate for the Suntex 90% screen. Windows in rooms with televisions or computers are used during the day, may be good candidates for 90%. Windows that are opened in the spring or fall to allow cool breezes in might be good candidates for an 80% or 70% fabric. Rooms with only a single window may be a good candidate for a 70% or 80%. Most applications are 80%.

We havent' had a homeowners association yet to disapprove our solar screens. There are generally no restrictions or requirements for non-street facing windows.

Most window frames have a track system that is designed for a full-sized screen. In some applications, we install the screens with tension springs which are more than adequate to hold the screen in place (except during hurricanes). Even if no such track exists, screens can be installed with fasteners like casement clips, or even adhesive fasteners.
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In the Shreveport-Bossier City  area, a lot of the newer homes have arched top windows. With accurate measurements, virtually any type of window can be covered by a solar screen.  
 Inside Home Looking Out Through 80% Brown Solar Screen
Outside Home Looking At The Same Windows Pictured Above