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Solar screens are effective in reducing absorption of heat through the window by about 80-90 percent. They offer several benefits over regular screens.  In winter months, they prevent the escaping of heat to the outside, thereby saving energy that is required for heating.  During summer, they block the sun's rays from entering the house, reducing the electricity bill.  Another benefit of solar screens includes reducing the fading of furniture, drapes, carpet, etc., as they block the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.  The primary source of heat buildup is sunlight absorbed by your house through the roof, walls, and especially windows.

The most effective method to cool your home is to keep the heat from building up in the first place.

Solar screens resemble standard window screens except they keep direct sunlight from entering the window, cut glare, and block light without blocking the view or eliminating air flow.   They also provide privacy by restricting the view of the interior from outside your house.

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According to "www.ehow.com/facts" one of the several disadvantages of tinted windows is:
 "the tinted pane itself can absorb solar heat and transmit it into the home."
 It goes on to read that:
 "Solar heat that isn't reflected or transmitted can be trapped between the pane and an improperly applied film, creating temperatures that stress the pane and affect the windows warranty."
Another disadvantage to window tinting according to www.soyouwanna.com/home-window-tint reads:
"If you have double-pane low-emission windows, the warranty is often voided because heat buildup can cause the unit to fail.  If nicked or scratched, the damage to the window film is permanent."